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Get Mobile 
User Research 

Identify current page design issues and functional flaws, thereby expanding the user base and applicability, and also improving the user experience.

What is Get Mobile?

  • Get Mobile is concentrated on university use to check account balances and few online ordering for pick up. 

  • For example, in UT Austin, the accounts include Bevo Bucks and Dine-In Dollars, where this money is grouped with school meal plans. And currently, the app only works with a few stores on campus.

Research Goals & Methods

  • Research Goals 

    • Iidentify current page design issues and functional flaws, expanding the user base and applicability and improving the user experience.

    • Identify which aspects of the order process, if any, users have struggled with

    • Provide suggestions to improve the order process.

  • Research Method

    • Screener

      • ​50 participants selected by the screener​

    • Usability Test

      • ​Conduct usability testing via Zoom

    • Shared Screen

      • ​Participants shared their screens so that we can conduct usability testing scenarios through GET mobile usage scenarios.

Overall Findings 

  • Participants tried to follow the logic they used with other food order apps when using Get Mobile for the first time

  • Participants report that they CANNOT access the home screen after entering their password

  • Problems with user interaction (login, access to secondary pages)

  • Participants CAN NOT select on-campus buildings

  • APP malfunctioned while in use

  • Participants said that NOT being able to see pictures of food made them more hesitant to place orders.

  • Missing picture information

  • When browsing the restaurant list, participants responded that they could not see the opening hours from the restaurant list.

  • When using the app, users are confused by multiple password recreation and DUO authentication.

  • Since the entire study of Overall Findings was too long, I consolidated it into a Google Doc. Click to learn more to get a detailed introduction.


  • The evaluation of Get Mobile’s order process included interviews and usability testing. During this time, we learned the following:

    • When using Get Mobile, users will compare Get Mobile with other apps

    • In the usability study, participants familiar with and unfamiliar with the Get Mobile process could eventually place orders.

  • Users like certain aspects of the app:

    • All participants can easily view their account balances and transaction history, and they find the presentation of this information very clear.

    • All participants were very satisfied with the font, color, and other UI layouts, which should be maintained in future versions.

  • Users dislike certain aspects of the app:

    • Participants were confused with the login screen and multiple password settings

    • Participants felt the interface was missing key information such as restaurant hours, food pictures, etc.

    • Participants experience difficulties in changing their addresses.

    • Participants felt that were not enough restaurants.

With users’ suggestions, following improvements should be made

  • (5/5) More restaurants must be added, and all on-campus restaurants should be integrated into this App.

  • (5/5) The application should only require a single password and keep it on the server instead of a new one each time the user logs in.

  • (5/5) Add the on-campus residence halls correctly to the address list

  • (3/5) Fix system log-in bugs so that the user can be correctly directed to the main page after entering the pin

  • (3/5) Add restaurants’ opening hours

  • (3/5) Add a booking function when restaurants are closed

  • (2/5) Images should be added to the menu page

  • With a maximum score of 5, 14 participants gave a score of 2, 19 gave a score of 3, 10 gave a score of 4, and no one gave a score of 5, which means that the software was below average with a score of 2.5.

  • All participants (50 out of 50) mentioned a preference for other software (Uber Eats, Yelp, DoorDash, etc.), and it is clear that the competitors are excellent and could take over our market anytime.

  • We should seize the market advantage of Get Mobile on campus and make improvements!

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