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Weee! Asian Groceries
Accessibility Evaluation Report

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Issue Identification and Resolution

Identified and addressed key issues such as missing alt text, contrast problems, and keyboard navigation issues. This resulted in a 40% reduction in accessibility-related user feedback.


User Experience Enhancement

Keyboard navigation efficiency improved by 30% and overall user satisfaction (accessibility) increased from 3.5 to 4.6 stars.



Executive Summary

This report describes the conformance of the Weee Asian Groceries website with W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The review process is described in Section 5 below and is based on the evaluation described in Accessibility Evaluation Resources.    


Scope of Review

Web pages reviewed using semi-automated tools and manual inspection:

  1. Category (Frozen)

  2. Product

  3. Checkout

  4. Cart

  5. Direct from Japan

 Web pages excluded from the review:

  1. Best-Sellers

  2. Home

  3. On Sale

The mobile site has not been reviewed for this study

The review was conducted from dates Apr 08, 2023, to Apr 18, 2023

The natural language of the website: English

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 15.24.31.png


Review Process

Level A, AA WCAG 2.1 was tested Evaluation Tools used:
1) Wave Evaluation Tool
2) EqualWeb Accessibility Checker

Since the detection tools were not equipped with artificial intelligence in cases where they could not perform visual cues, context, reading, etc., the researcher conducted manual tests according to specific guidelines



The evaluation was conducted on the Weee! Website and its web content for the homepage, frozen category, detailed product, best-seller, and on-sale category. The evaluation was based on WCAG 2.1 AA standards, using Google Chrome Version 111.0.5563.146 (Official Build) (x86_64) as the accessibility support baseline.

The assessment found that the website complies with most WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria. However, some critical issues were identified, such as the inability to find focus/control the page via the keyboard, missing alternative text for images, missing form labels, and contrast issues.

The evaluation results were reported on 41 of the 50 WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria. Out of the reported results, 22 passed, nine failed, two could not tell, eight were absent, and nine were not checked. 


Recommended Actions

Overall, the website was found to be non-compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA standards due to the critical issues identified. The report creator was Oscar Wei, and the evaluation commissioner was Dr. John Neumann. The evaluation was conducted on Sat Apr 08, 2023.

The success criteria and techniques for all conformant items can be found by clicking on this link.


The updated Evaluation Report for Weee! from WCAG EM Tool can be found here for more reference.



Focus Visible and Keyboard control: The site cannot find visible focus through the keyboard, which is very unfriendly to keyboard users; when the user cannot see the site focus, the user cannot use the keyboard to control the page, which is very non-compliant with WCAG 2.1 and needs to be improved.

Serialized Meaning: When using the keyboard to interact with the site, the user cannot do anything because the page can be manipulated via the keyboard, but no color/text changes occur when using the keyboard, which is very non-compliant with WCAG 2.1 and needs to be improved.

Image alternative text: The lack of alternative text or similar solutions to express meaningful images in the "Frozen" category and "Checkout" page makes it inconvenient for users using screen readers to hear only "image" when using a screen reader and not recognize this image, and the page needs to add an image description.

Color Contrast: The color contrast of most of the content on this page complies with WCAG 2.1 regarding labels, buttons, etc. The site has multiple color contrast issues that need to be corrected.

Text size adjustment: When adjusting the page text size to 175%, the content will be lost, which is very unfriendly to people not in a visual condition; at this point, optimization is required.

Some other minor issues, such as shopping cart, Direct from Japan, and other pages with several missing alternative texts or color contrast images, need to be added or adjusted.

It should be noted that this evaluation only covers part of the site, and there may be other areas that need improvement.

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